Create your Chatbot based on artificial intelligence

The creation of chatbots has become a crucial element for many individuals and businesses looking to improve the efficiency of their interactions or customer relationships, and now, with AI Chat, it's even more accessible to everyone.

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What is AI Chat?
AI Chat is a service that allows you to create AI-powered chatbots that learn important information for you.
How can I create a Chatbot?
It only takes a few clicks: choose a name, an avatar, and the information you want it to learn, and you're good to go. We will create a simple link for you to use the chatbot. And if you want to integrate it into your website, you'll have a dedicated script.
How do I provide the information?
Use the documentation you already have without needing to adapt it. It can be a link or a file. AI Chat supports various formats, including PDF, text, spreadsheets, and more.
How do I integrate the chatbot on my website?
To integrate the chatbot on your website, we will create a simple script for you to insert into your site. Just copy and paste it, and the chatbot will appear on your site.
Can the chatbot speak multiple languages?
Yes, the chatbot can support multiple languages. You just need to provide documentation in the desired languages and configure the chatbot settings to handle different languages. This way, you can assist users from around the world.
Is it possible to use AI Chat for free?
AI Chat offers a free plan that provides access to basic features. However, to fully utilize the features, there are paid plans available for more advanced and business needs.
Can the chatbot answer complex questions?
Yes, the chatbot is designed to learn from your documentation and become smarter over time. However, its ability to answer complex questions will depend on your ability to provide comprehensive information.

È il tipo di tecnologia che cercavi?

Possiamo aiutarti a creare e gestire il tuo o i tuoi chatbot in modo efficiente e personalizzato. Contattaci per scoprire come possiamo aiutarti a raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi con un chatbot di successo.