AI chat for agencies

Communication agencies play a crucial role in helping businesses effectively communicate with their target audience. Communication is constantly evolving, and the advent of chatbots represents a unique opportunity to offer innovative services to their clients.

Market Evolution

With AI Chat, your agency will be able to create customized chatbots for your clients, enabling them to automate a variety of interactions with their users. These chatbots can be designed to answer frequently asked questions, gather information, provide assistance, or even process transactions. This level of automation reduces manual workload for both the client and your agency, allowing you to focus on more strategic and creative tasks.


AI Chat also provides the flexibility to fully customize the appearance and behavior of chatbots. This allows for creating user experiences that align with the client's brand and tailoring chatbots to specific communication needs.

Data driven

With AI Chat, you can collect data on user interactions with chatbots. These data can be used to analyze trends, assess the effectiveness of communication strategies, and identify areas for improvement. You can then adjust strategies based on the collected information, continually enhance chatbot performance, and provide a data-driven service to your clients

Innovate and reinvent

Chatbots are valuable tools for internal use within your agency as well. You can leverage a virtual assistant for the creation of creative and customized content using information gathered from customer interactions. Chatbots can generate tailored content that responds appropriately to customer requests and preferences, thereby enhancing engagement and the company-client relationship.

Is this the type of technology you were looking for?

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