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About Us?

AI Chat is a project created by Michele Laurelli, Dario Cancelliere, and Francesco Querini. We are focused on people and technology, above all else. Together, we share the belief that technology, even if complex, can be simple and accessible to everyone.

Michele Laurelli

CEO and Co-Founder

Passionate about artificial intelligence, algorithms, and how machines work, he created Algoretico with the idea of making complex and advanced technologies simple and accessible. He deals with everything related to technology, projects, and software. He is a university lecturer (adjunct) in computer science and artificial intelligence. He has written a book: 'Dialogues with an Artificial Intelligence.'


Dario Cancelliere

CTO and Co-Founder

He is a passionate software developer with over 10 years of experience. Specializing in backend development, he has skills in various technologies such as Rust, C/C++, Python, TypeScript, and PHP. He is a perfectionist and particularly enjoys solving complex problems. Besides work, he is also passionate about bodybuilding, an electronic music producer, and a lover of video games.


Francesco Querini

Head of Design and Co-Founder

He started his career as a graphic designer and then began to delve into technology, focusing on web design and usability. This led him to design products that are useful and clear to everyone. After an experience abroad, he specialized in optimizing business processes and designing management platforms for internal use.


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